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Who We Are


            The Challenger Division, a separate and unique unit of Little League Baseball, was created as a means of allowing individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities to directly participate in this wonderful sport.  It offers an alternative to those for whom play on a conventional league might be too difficult.  Peer volunteers play the role of “buddies” on the field, assisting players and allowing parents of kids with special needs a rare opportunity to simply sit back and enjoy watching their children.  On teams organized around ability, as opposed to age, players are encouraged to participate the best they can - both at bat and in the field.  Value is placed not only on learning foundational skills, but on effort, perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork and, primarily, on having fun.  A ceremony is held at the end of every season to honor our players’ hard work and progress and to celebrate not only the great baseball we have witnessed, but the warm and incredible community (of players, buddies, and families) that has continued to grow and flourish over the course of many years.  


             The Challenger season spans from late March to mid-June.  Our volunteers spend several hours on the field each Sunday.  In addition to directly assisting the players during games, they help with warm-ups, field preparation, and other jobs that facilitate the smooth progression of game day activities.  Without the support, enthusiasm, and empathy of these special volunteers, the league would not be possible.

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